Scitec - Launch of new online store, ecommerce strategy development

Developing a comprehensive ecommerce and new media strategy for the launch of an established and popular brand’s online store selling nutritional supplements, optimised for the best sales results.

Starting position: Established brand that has been on the market for 20 years without any e-commerce resources or existing e-commerce channels.

Challenge: Make the online store and the new e-commerce division profitable in 9 months.

Results: Achieved target revenue in 6 months, with more profit than previously set.



How did we get started?

Relying on exact data is the key to success, Firstly we got to know the structure of the organisation, its thinking, the pricing and sales strategy with the help of the inhouse Scitec team.

We focused on two areas:

  • ROI: What level of revenue can we achieve with how much advertising investment? Where are we going to achieve pure profits? Is it even worth it to get started? (yes it was definitely worth it).
  • The basis of digital transformation: Preparing the company to transition to online sales, finding inhouse expertise and tools to achieve this.

After agreement came the ecommerce design.

The pillar of our cooperation model is 100% transparency.

We always start with the top products from the best converted channels and we build the online advertising structure based on those results successively. The main thing is we cover the whole cycle of the shopping experience from user engagement to loyalty programmes.

Most frequently used channels:

  • Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook
  • Programmatic Systems

It’s not enough to attract new visitors to a website and to achieve the first sale, what you need is a complex marketing automatisation system that we have built to manage existing subscribers. Basically this is a combination of a new communications and a CRM system that manages the database according to set rules and expectations.

A few examples: welcome flow messages after registrations, pop-up messages in case of attempts to leave the site without a sale, monthly segmented promotions, managing user preferences. etc.


Black Friday in 2019. We created an activity campaign for every channel.

We started lead generation way before Black Friday, new subscribers received exclusive info and promotions before the general public so by the time Black Friday came they were prepared and informed before sales opened. This resulted in adding many new registrations to the database with customers who are ready to shop.

We have developed 17 different personas who after identifying them received personalised content and creative imagery.

Visuals: creative examples (body builder type man, woman, endurance, shape..)

The registered customers were managed by a special automated program and were sent to different marketing bfunnels according to whether they have shopped before, and according to personalised preferences. The open and conversion rates were exceptional.

Results: We had high expectations but we have achieved six times more revenue than originally hoped.

How does operating such e-commerce system look like in everyday life?

An entire team works on this.

Media specialists: their job is to achieve optimum revenue from the least amount of budget. They need to optimise hundreds of online adverts a day, analyse data and suggest tweaking existing ones or come up with completely new ones.

Our favourite example of such work is collecting and excluding all negative search terms that would just drain the client’s budget. Scitec’s most famous product is the ‘Jumbo’ weight gainer supplement so it wouldn’t have been right if the product had come up in searches for search terms such as ‘ Jumbo Jack’ or ‘Coco Jumbo’. And so we wouldn’t allow it.

Designing creatives: producing hundreds of online adverts is no easy task, but we believe and actually know from our existing data that good segmentation and positioning leads to great results. Our copywriters and designers always operate on maximum capacity.

Our project managers need to manage and oversee this complex creative machinery and the work of more than 15 people.

Digital Marketing Consultancy: We have been providing online marketing services since 2006, we receive and analyse an enormous amount of data, this makes our decision making more effective. We see the trends in the market and are able to provide valuable feedback and advice to our customers. Our consultancy services are continuous.

What you should take away from this case study:

  • At the start, base your strategy on precise data. Establish what is the level of ROI and what is the level of investment vs revenue that in the long term still makes a business profitable and sustainable.
  • Find the expertise and change the structure of your organisation accordingly.
  • Start marketing with the top performing product via the best converted channels and develop your communications matrix according to those performing results.
  • Think strategically and plan for the whole year ahead, find your target audience and the key events that are important to them.
  • Personalisation: the more personalised and targeted messages you send the better results you will achieve. Segment your registered users, marketing automation is a great tool in that.